Welcome to my blog!

My name is Artur L. aka Darth Arth (at Jedi Knight modding scene)
or MetalBeast (at Descent modding scene, 3D Modelling)

The first map I have ever done was for the game DooM, many years ago ;)
Followed by maps for “Doom II”, “Duke Nukem 3D”, “Shadow warrior”, etc.
2002 I have created my first map for Jedi Knight Jedi Outcast.
Since than I worked on many maps for Quake3-engine based games, most of them were for JK2 & Jk3.
In 2003, together with few mappers from the mapping scene, we have founded 3D GET,
a hobby 3D games modding team and started working on the Jedi Academy addon “Spirits of the Sith”.

2007-2010 I had to dedicate my whole free time to important personal matters,
so I disappeared from the mapping and modding community for a longer time.

But now, I’m back ;)